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Jaap & Satsang

A glimpse of Shirdi Sai Baba at our Spiritual Enclave in October 2020

Join our Monthly Jaap Meditation (6:30 pm) & Satsang (7:00 pm) on the first Thursday of every month in Westville, Durban, South Africa or via Zoom and stream live on Voice of Sai.

The practice of Jaap:

Mantra recitation, which is called japa or jaap (“muttering”) in Sanskrit, has been an important aspect of Yoga practice since Vedic times. It consists of the repetition of the same mantra, which can be composed of a single syllable (e.g., om) or a string of mantric sounds (e.g., om namah shivaya). As Patanjali reminds us, the yogic path is propelled by practice and dispassion, and significantly, the Sanskrit term for practice—abhyasa—means “repetition.” Through repetition, we create either positive or negative habit patterns.

Mantra japa produces positive mental tracks, helping us to gradually overcome spiritual darkness. It is a powerful technique for focusing on the mind and for harnessing the body/mind’s subtle energies in completing the yogic path of self-transformation. As stated in the concluding chapter of the Kularnava Tantra: “Japa is so-called because it removes the sin accumulated in thousands of lives and because it reveals the Supreme Deity.” The greatest “sin,” of course, is ignorance of our own true nature.

Satsang is a Sanskrit word that means “gathering together for the truth” or, more simply, “being with the truth.” Truth is what is real, what exists.

Email us on info@shirdisaibaba.co.za to RSVP to attend in-person or via ZOOM.

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